Milk Sales

At Meadow Pond Farms not only do we sell quality Nigerian goat's we also sell top quality goat's milk. Goat's milk has a more easily digestible fat and protien content than cow milk and for those allergic to cow's milk goat's milk can replace it in thier diet. It is estimated that 65 percent of milk consumption in the world is goat's milk. Our herd is fed a diet high in protien to ensure the creamiest and best tasting milk as possible. Our milk is great for drinking, makes some really good cheese and if you have a baby you need to supplement it can give them the extra boost they need. There are alot of good cheese recipes online from complicated to very simple. We have tried some of the simple ones and had great results. Our milk can also be made into soap we do not make soap ourselves but do provide milk for Scents and Nonscents a local soap maker in our area. You can find her wonderful soap at Nature Source in Eldon Missouri or you can contact us to reach her directly. The best way to place your order for milk is just to call Jason at 573-619-2304. We offer home delivery in the Eldon Missouri area or it can be picked up at our farm. If you have never tried Nigerian goat's milk and are in the area of our farm give us a call and drop by for a free sample.